Subject Verb Agreement Powerpoint Tes

In “Subject – Verb Accord – years 5 and 6”, students learn the importance of the subject – verb agreement in writing according to the objectives of the course of years 5 and 6 – writing – composition. This animated PowerPoint lesson contains: Sub-project Verb Agreement PowerPoint with 5 worksheets on the basic rules of verb subject contracts. Word Agreement PowerPoint Progression: 1) Begins by checking what the subject and verb of a sentence is. 2) Then an example of the grammar rule. 3) The main part of PowerPoint provides sets of examples with different themes and students choose the right form of verb, with a click the correct form of the verb floats in place. (The rule is removed after a few slides, but appears again so you can strengthen the rule (or correct) the rule). The fun story style to keep students engaged. 4) Ends with a simple task that instructs students to write examples of different subjects and pronouns. As with all of our PowerPoint teaching resources, “Subject – Verb-Accord – Years 5 and 6” is fully editable, so that teachers can adapt, modify and revise it as much or as little as necessary. To view a full preview of `Subject – Verb Agreement – Year 5 and 6` and find more KS2 English resources, click here.

Also included are 5 carefully crafted, story style, fun worksheets that offer reinforcement and exercise for rule. 1 of the worksheets repeat the examples used in PowerPoint. I use it with an ESL post-school class and mini whiteboards for students` pairs to put it in a game game format.